The lung has 90 sq meters of surface area- enough to cover a tennis court. Dark, wet, & rich with nooks, here bacteria & foreign debris are inhaled, trapped & left to fester. A larger surface area exists in the mind of a clever respiratory therapist.                                      

How  would this therapist react if his twin’s murderer entered his sphere of medical practice in the very first chapter, this perpetrator a free man because of a legal technicality? For nine years the therapist waited-idle in his suffering-visualizing all the ways to bring retribution should the moment come.  Nick Fuller made a promise to himself that if this perp were admitted to a bed on a floor to which he was assigned – it is fate that he should kill him. 

Nick’s fuse is lit when he sees his twin sister’s murderer in a wheelchair roll right past him. An unconsidered possibility exists in his blind rage. This spark of wrath could become a wildfire for nothing is more infectious than an idea without boundaries. Touch the world of advanced practice medicine where one overvalued thought can morph into megalomania. Are we all just a single idea from being pompous and two from insanity?

A smug clinician, Nick is an informal leader and self styled Moses with both vast talent and practical bedside apps to match the attitude. The zenith of clinical competence, he champions advanced practice. Woe to the staff who cannot abide the doctrine of his righteousness. He has devised a number of LAWS concerning the LUNG which serve as an undefeatable code of conduct, a framework for clinical excellence and an overall explanation for the absurdities of medicine. He uses these pithy and sarcastic sayings for teaching & insult.

At Sinai, everyone has something to hide, their secrets adding new dimensions to the plotline. Beyond this, some other evil phenomenon is growing in Cincinnati Sinai Hospital, the explanations for which few might accept-if they were looking. For over two centuries, someone has been watching over the site where this new hospital stands. What answers can be found in the metaphysical blowback built into the very foundation of the medical center where germs, genius and stupidity labor side by side?

More story content can be found on the back of the book covers-these images are easily available when your click on the book covers on the home page.


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