Unique yacht and sail boat names for the enigmatic and erudite boat owner


by Frank E. Little Jr.

You have a new boat. A dream come true, it seems to be a mistake to place upon it some mash up of you and your wife’s names. Even worse, you cannot bear to give it any of the trite, pun filled, puerile and unimaginative monikers you have discovered thus far.

Face it, you have complex sensibilities. Common men name their boats “Jimmy’s Joy,” “Seaduction,” “Nauti Bouy,” or “Steady As She Goes.” What do you want emblazoned on the escutcheon of your quarter of a million dollar sloop? You already know it won’t be “Dock Holiday” or “Unsinkable III.”

You are articulate. You are reaching for something that is, as yet – undefined. Like naming children, it’s important. Boats and kids live up to the names we give them. Boating is an existential quest, defining you, the boat and your relationship with the sea.

You’re still reading so you are likely refined and enigmatic. The boat’s name must capture some undiscovered salient, embracing your thoughts, words and deeds that spring forth from your heart, mind and soul.

Lucky for you, the richness of the English language provides erudite and metaphorical terms which describe your state. Those spotting your stern with binoculars might well suspect that you have both a command of the English language as well as the sea.  Yes, names such as these are conversation starters. They are archaic, obtuse and a few even snobbish.

Type them into Google speak to pronounce them for you. Try them on. They will roll off your tongue soon enough.

See you out on the big water.

PETRICHOR                       The smell after rain

RIDENT                               Cheerful

UBIQUARIAN                    Someone who goes everywhere.

ZIRALEET                          Expression of joy

GEGENSCHEIN                 Dust particles in the sky opposite the sun’s                                                                                      position giving a night glow.

INTREPID                           Hyper-adventerous

AXIOMATIC                       A self evident outcome of an idea or action.

APODICTIC                        Established everywhere without dispute

EPAGOMENIC                   Spontaneous celebration for no worthy reason.

INSANGEIOUS                  A favorite. To be made equal to the angels.

KAKIKSTOCRACY            A government run by the worst citizens

CERULEAN                         Another favorite. blue like the waters around                                                                                 unspoiled islands.

BLOOTERED                      Scottish. Very drunk

GOLIARD                           Wandering student (aren’t we all?)

GLEEK                                 Sharp joke or a superb trick

WHIPJACK                         A beggar who pretends to be a sailor

XIPHOID                             For medical people. Racing boat? Spear shaped

AMPHISBAENA                 Mythical two headed serpent. Named after your                                                                           mother in law?

CHANTICLEER                  For alpha males and kings of industry. Rooster like

EUCATASTROPHE            Perfect ending or outcome of a story

OPEROSE                            Displaying great ability and effort for all to see

OPSIMATH                         A person who begins to learn late in life

RESOUNDING                   Undeniable. Obvious and clearly marked

RIPARIAN                          Rights of water-usually drilling related. law term.

PANEMORFI                      Greek. beautiful

ZEITREISE                          German. Time travel

ZENIT                                   German. Zenith

METANOIA                         The process of changing your heart, mind and goals.

MERAKI                               To do with creativity, passion and resolve

SIDEREAL                           Determined by the stars

EMACITY                             A fondness for buying things

APAIXONAR                       Portugeuse. quaint term. Falling in love – like off a cliff.

AEONIAN                             Eternal and everlasting

VERKLEMPT                       Overcome with emotion

DAEDALIAN                        Deft, intelligent, crafty

ENHALO                               To place a halo upon. To crown spiritually.

EPITOME                              The perfect defining example of a type

LUCENT                                Shining and hard to look at – gleaming brilliantly

DESABAFAR                        Let off steam and in the process gaining balance.

MOEITY                                Two equal parts. (husband and wife for instance)

RESPLENDENT                   Sublime, full of color, dazzling and eye catching

SIGIL                                     Refers to a signet ring or a mark of one’s family.

SWEVEN                               Dream, vision, premonition.

VISRIENT                             Must see new things-one who requires visual stimuli

VULPINE                              From Latin. A fox

ETOILE                                 French. Star

CARCANET                          A jeweled necklace

VERGESSENHEIT               German. oblivion

TRAUMSTAAT                     German. dream state

LAGOM                                 Swedish. The right moment in time. Aligned.

INSUPERAVEL                    Portugeuse. Unsurpassed.

GEHEIMGANG                   German. secret passage

PANTAGRUELIAN             Vast

PANURGIC                           Able or willing to do most anything

THALASSIC                         Referring to the sea

LEMNISCATE                      Refers to the figure eight infinity symbol

VOORZIENE                        Dutch. Foreseen.

VELSIGNET                         Blessed

EKSAKT                                Danish.      Exact

SCINTILLATE                      Emits sparks

ALGEDONIC                        Pleasure and pain together

UENDELIG                           Norwegian. Infinite

GLORIEUX                           French. Glorious

UMANI                                  Salt, sweet, bitter, sour. The fifth is umani. Japanese for                                                              delicious.

LUCUBRATION                   The product of laborious study.

OENOPHILE                        A lover of wine. Not an alcoholic.

ZUGZWANG                        German. A compulsion to move. Chess term.

NIKHEDONIA                      The elation that accompanies the moment of victory

BIMARIAN                            Pertaiing to two seas

DICAEARCHY                       Fair and just government

EPHYDRIAD                         Water nymph.  Like Esther Williams.

EVENIENCY                          Coming to pass. Inevitable.

DOSHEACHANTA               Irish. Inevitable

GIPESIAN                             Pertaining to gypsies

HALATINOUS                      Saline. Salty.   (Applies to the boat owner?)

INOCCIDUOUS                    A star that never dips below the horizon.

ISANGELOUS                       Equal to angels.

NUBIVAGANT                      Moving among the clouds.

SPARSILE                              Pertaining to a star

THEOMENY                          The wrath of God against evil

TRABBOCANT                      Superabundant.

TROPAEAN                            Wind blowing towards land

TROPHAEAL                         Pertaining to trophies.  Many.

ALIFORM                               Shaped like a wing

ANEMOLOGY                        The study of wind

CETOLOGY                             The study of whales and dolphins

LAVEER                                    To sail against the wind

WEATHERLY                          Able to sail close to the wind with little leeway.

OMNILEGENT                        An omnivorous reader.Bookworm.

MARISTO                                 Esperanto. Sailor

BEUNDRANSVARD                Swedish. Admirable







<b>ENDOXOS</b> Greek. Glorious