LAW OF THE LUNG is the first of a 6 part book series that is deliberately crafted as a fast plot, HBO series styled medical-suspense-thriller. Though ICU based fiction, there are also many background stories. Based on 44 years of clinical experience, the plot is filled out by medical professionals, their storylines weaving through the plot adding spice & depth. Here, fiction is dipped in philosophy, for we must all ask a question having seen hundreds if not thousands take their last breath. Is there a next? Is there a plan, a God or we just on our own?  The storyline fiercely grips the ‘third rail’ of religion and politics. It tests the limits of pleasure, atheism and the ludicrous contradictions of religion. You just didn’t think it was possible for subject matter like this to be so entertaining. The plot asks what is really worth the cost of total belief.

Our main character Nick Fuller is an atheist, for good reason. He has grievances against a supreme being should there be such a deity.  Yet, he is strongly drawn towards a deeply spiritual girl who works in his department whose trust is complete.

Life is about coming to conclusions. I  argue for all sides of the questions – for the best of both opinions. My concern is not what conclusion you come to but that you actually consider that the fact that it isn’t that life is so short, it is that being dead is so long.

I know nothing except pulmonary medicine and have far better questions than answers. These you must supply, but I never grow weary of asking because as a human – I am still in the quest for enlightenment, not that I think I have arrived there in any form. But, if we are not seeking this, to know beyond our immediate gratifications, are we really alive?

If we were to truly embrace an idea, one compelling enough to warrant our enthusiasm, stable enough to gain our trust, worthy of our loyalty without doubt – then who would we become? What pure thing would we chase?

I am selling expectation and buying wonder.

The books travel from despair into bliss, from professionalism to hucksterism, from love to it’s first cousin lust, from adoration to depravity and bondage. What is just and what is vengeance? The characters travel these lines as complex beings. Somewhere inside, you will find your personality here and your craving – and it will be tested.

There are dark places in men  and books only hint at these black wells. I do more than hint. I do not cheat you, for if there is good, there must be wickedness and to know both I let you fondle the evil texture for a chapter here and there – by and by – not repeatedly for you could become a lost pilgrim.  I let the characters speak of their hungers and dreams and therein hangs the tale of their precious secrets and goals – of which you shall learn all. What flows out of our beliefs, this is the character of who we are – and that is the real story.

To do this I teach real medicine and advanced pulmonary practices, the first book the start of this solar system a set up for the stories to come. I use my skills as a clinician to show you what I feel is advanced practice and then show you how this same technology can be used to kill – perfectly, without detection. Where humans are involved there is no perfection, thus your CSI duty is to find the thread in the seam that if pulled would cause the cloak of perfection to fall.

Our main character, Nick had a sister who was murdered by a perp who got off on a technicality. For nine years Nick thought of ways to kill this man, should be ever come down the hall of Cincinnati Sinai as a patient. In chapter one this is exactly what happens and by chapter four the perp is dead. Funny thing about killing or doing anything for the first time. It is easier the second and the third. And when suspicion arises – you must play lethal Whack -em-all.

There is a deeper plotline, a mystery that works its way up from the foundation of this hospital that travels into the far past. This plot pales our petty views of good and evil. Spirituality is explored and so is the spectrum of sensuality and libido as we cry out for connectedness. What beauty is there in taking care of another life, or in nurturing a patient’s hopes and quelling their fears? What drama is revealed from our personal revelation of who we are – for every character here must confront our own secrets.

Highly visual, dialogue rich, the series is as ribald as sarcastic.  LAW delves into the human strengths and failings of those who see death on a daily basis. Like real life, everyone has something to hide at Cincinnati Sinai. Here brilliance labors alongside stupidity inside a department full of laughter, payback, jealousy & spite.

The series expands as the books go forward into the realms of nursing, physicians & a reimbursement system that is struggling to survive. All of this is set in a real world scenario, the year 2025 when Medicare cuts will arrive in full force.



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