Moldovians top the list 16 liters per person, man, woman and child, followed by Russians 14 liters.


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In Africa, life expectancy is universally under 60 and in many nations under 45. The further north you go in Africa the longer you live. New Guinea and surrounding nations have the lowest of all, just 38 years. Russians have better life expectancy than thought.

The 21st century hasn’t quite reached Bulgaria, Romania ,Latvia, Italy, and Portugal yet.

A vivid graphic explanation of the Euro zone mess and why they cannot govern. “When all is said and done more is said than done.”

Look at the differences between Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey, eastern Georgia versus western, Chicago versus the rest of Illinois. Does availability increase demand or vice versa? Look in the middle of Texas. Your explanation?

Louisiana- a whole lot of shaken going on.


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