ROB FLEMING is from Los Angeles.  The book starts on his first day at Cincinnati Sinai. A rising star in the Respiratory Care Department.  Rob is a happy guy with political skills. He is a great listener and has genuine interest in people. He becomes one of the director’s favs almost on arrival, fawning over the director, a thing Nick resents in people–the kowtow– a thing he will not do. In addition, Rob appears to have a sweetness for Naomi…and for Nick, well, this is trespassing…

ISABELLA GRECO is a native of Italy and immigrated here when she was 15. She still has an accent. It is sexy. She dates only doctors and  always seems to find another one without effort. This is easily done given that she has New York fashion model beauty. She is turning twenty nine this year. Thirty comes next. Friends with both Pris and Naomi, these two are oil and water to each other. Isabella is finally working on her registry test. She has a house in Hyde Park, a BMW, an old black dog and a half a pack a day cigarette habit.

ARTURO EMILIO CALDERON-ROMERO M.D. is a O.B. resident at Cincinnati Sinai Hospital and from Paraiso Tabasco, Mexico. Full of charm and a disarming innocence, the good doctor is also blessed with a sunny smile and bedroom eyes. Emilio is fluent in three languages. From a well to do family, Emilio has just been selected as the  chief resident of the department for his final year. He has been offered lucrative opportunities in other cities. Emilio has been dating Isabella for six months. They have more than their fair share of storms-always about the same point of conflict.

NAOMI HATHAWAY, age 31 is clinically astute. Book smart- doesn’t flaunt it. Bachelor’s from Cincinnati State. Summa Cum. Working on her MBA at Indiana Wesleyan. Serene. A farm girl, she  came to the big city from Brown County for college and then never moved back. Visits on the weekends to  help out with the cows and attend church with her family. Rides horses. Highly articulate in areas where she has expertise. Not afraid of debate.  Her long blonde hair is always in a braid, except when at home. On the street she dresses like a prairie settler on a wagon train to California. Nick’s apprentice. 

ZOE ZERHEUSEN age 27, graduated from her 4 year respiratory care program when just 20. She is now working on a masters in secret. Zoe is determined to replace the Rex, the boss – when he retires. She knows of Naomi’s studies, but isn’t worried at all. Zoe is plain, freckled and forgettable looking, not bothering with makeup or eye shadow, her hair always pulled back into a pony tail. Her wardrobe? Fashions by K Mart and Kohl’s. Underneath she is cogs and gears, having a mind that is drawn to discrepancies and puzzles.  A paragon of virtue on the exterior, she like everyone here has some secrets that might prove to be far more than embarrassing should they be revealed. 

REX LAFAYETTE age 58, is a former director of one of the hospitals destroyed in the Maya. Rex was brought to Cincinnati Sinai when the department opened 11 years ago. Stressed and desk bound, the  effects are taking their toll on him. Rex is fair, fickle and touchy. His graphite smooth clinical mechanisms have been thoroughly rusted by his unending paper work, now in the manager’s seat for nearly 30 years. Married, his kids are grown. He is a gourmet cook and lives in the ultra high end Aspire high rise.

FATIMA JACOBS age 37, a devoted mother and employee, she has a thorough working knowledge of the field and like Zoe, Nick, Naomi and Al is regularly seen in the ICU areas. A devout Muslim, she like her husband have an inner city past. Being a Muslim hasn’t been a problem for her in a department with great religious diversity.  She makes more than her husband & also works more hours per week. Her husband, Fariza, is highly political in the teachings of Islam. They have been married 17 years and have two kids. The oldest daughter, Radiya is 16 and has just learned to drive.

GORDON FORESTAL FAUST. age 50, pulmonologist.  Extremely skilled and wealthy- rumored in the 15 million dollar range. Outside of the hospital he is eccentric. He is moody, particular and difficult. Has a temper. As one of Cincinnati Sinai’s best pulmonologists, he is not considering retirement – still in the acquiring stage of life.  Lives in a four generation old family mansion in Amberley Village.  Likes  911 Porsches.  Divorced twice. The third time is the charm, right?  His wife Renee’ is an ICU nurse. He is having marital trouble and he drinks, but aren’t these just comorbidities?

NILES CARTER age 30, came to days a month ago to be the new assistant director after the death of Sally, Denice and Punkin’ in a horrific car crash.  This position was coveted by Nick who is still incensed at Rex because he didn’t advance him instead, but is holding his fire on Niles for the moment. This does not mean he isn’t storing ammunition. Niles avoids confrontation and is sincere. Above average intelligence. Women are interested in Niles, but he fends them off, just not seeming to be interested in any of them. No one seems to know why.

CHUBASCA TANANO age 28, often called “Chewy.” Came to days from nights after the car accident. Just came back from maternity leave a few months before and can’t seem to lose the weight. It is discouraging. From Guam, she is improving daily in her language skills and capabilities.  Catholic, calm and very traditional in her viewpoints she is non aligned in the department.

JERRY PAULSEN age 37.  This is his second career after his factory job was outsourced. Had Jerry gone into the taco business or auto repair industry he would have no doubt succeeded in these endeavors. Always looking for his coffee cup and a place to sit. Overweight, he is fanatical about the Reds, Bengals and the Utah Running Ute’s.  Just bought a new car, a Camaro SS. Dates frequently, the women always three tiers higher than one might expect. No one can understand this.

NICK FULLER age 37, an apprentice of Al, fifteen years ago or so, they both came over from a Pill Hill hospital when it was destroyed in the Maya. Nick is an atheist and an overtime whore. An informal leader, he sees himself as the unappointed peer reviewer for the department. The zenith of clinical and didactic competence, he champions advanced practice.  A self styled pulmonary Moses, Nick has devised a number of LAWS OF THE LUNG which serve as an undefeatable code of conduct, a framework for excellence as well as an overall explanation for the absurdities of medicine and nosocomial stupidity.  Does not tolerate morons like Jerry and Isabella who are frequent subjects of his ridicule and scorn.  Scary smart, conceited, uber capable and flexible in his thinking, he is a tremendous clinical asset, a tenacious friend and a diabolical foe. Respiratory Care isn’t what he does, it’s who he is.

ALBERTO DEL HOYO VIOLA, age 44, looks a little gruff on the outside but is a soft spoken part of the inner circle of Cincinnati Sinai Respiratory Services Department. Intelligent and compassionate, he loves to read and is constantly educating himself to the outside world. The product of an immigrant Honduran mother and American father, he lived his life in Newark, New Jersey until 2007. Attending Sinclair in Dayton, he moved to Cincinnati in 2009. He is married and lives a quiet life.  He is modest, a pacifist and believes in law and order.  Al is a devout Catholic and attends mass twice a week. He likes pastries and has a fair sized spare tire around the waist but, it is fat over muscle.  He lifts weights. Alberto enjoys everyone’s company, is quick to help and is best friends with Nick. Always have been and always will be, to the end…

DOCTOR AVANT MORRIS age 34. His first name is, in fact, Doctor. His mother seemed determined to have one in the family one way or the other, since she never made it through high school herself. He tells people, as a joke, that his mother put him through med school. Avant runs three miles a day and is at the pinnacle of his physical ability. He owns dramatic biceps and abs. He uses these comingled with his height, wicked sense of humor and people skills to advance his career as a lothario in the target rich environment of Cincinnati Sinai Hospital. Never married, Avant lost his entire family of ten in the Maya, their house at ground zero at what is now a two hundred fifty foot deep  lake. Avant is aligned with Nick and is happy to do floor therapy. It is best that his expectations are not high.

PRIS RITTER age 26, formerly mousy and meek she has recently become a free spirit. Pris is sharp featured and a possessor of great beauty. Recently she dyed her hair and became “adventurous”. She sees work only as a means to fund her life, which is fast paced and is “wild” by her own admission. Just started dying hair jet black. Her eyebrows are strong, predatory shaped, having angles and not round arches like most women. Her tongue is pierced. She talks of moving to LA in two years, once her school loans & car are paid off. Makes fun of Naomi and is the best friend of Isabella. She doesn’t smoke…cigarettes. Likes cherry vodka on ice. 

RALPH PARKER age 65, has a mid four digit registry number. He took the orals examinations and has seen the field through its entire modern development.  Loves the Reds. Season tickets. Marine. NRA.  Ralph has angina and was eased into low acuity care ten years ago. It’s time to retire, but he hasn’t been able to recover from Maya.  Another snag. There is the little problem of his expensive obsession that makes his palms sweat. He is glum.  What to do. What to do.


2 responses to “CAST

  1. These bios are very exciting!

  2. Sounds like I’ve worked with a good number of those people at my own hospital. Good job at capturing certain archetypes. Looking forward to when the books come out.

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